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Welcome to Fomsi World.

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We are the team of digitally fanatic people, aiming to ease the lives of individuals by touching the core issues digitally. 

In a busy everyday life style, time is the key element, from students to professionals or even house hold moms, no one has time to spare. So to speed up your productivity here it come the wonderful world of FOMSI DIGITAL

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Who We Are...!

Fomsi Digital is the brain child of our Founder & CEO Mr. Mansoor Khan who worked very hard for over 2 decades passionately in the field of marketing & advertising in conventional / digital media.

With the fast moving changes happening in the world over all, the consumers in general have swiftly shifted to digital life style, from online shopping to paying bills, school fees to traffic fines every thing is digitized.  

Our philosophy at Fomsi Digital is the digital way forward by thinking and evaluating the needs of individuals of different sectors of  social classes. To understand the  trends that caters  masses.

To understand the needs and wants or general pulse of the people lives surrounded by digital storm. We @ Fomsi Digital convince that by putting some serious efforts we can bring in the ease of many people’s life. 

“At Fomsi Digital our focus is to bring in ease and comfort in common men lives by helping them to grow positive, well informed and on solid financial ground”

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